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In this video, we show you A Day in the Life of a Sneaker Store Owner / Reseller. Some of that tasks that consist of this job daily include, buying sneakers and sourcing deals, unboxing, packing mystery boxes, and selling sneakers both through the store and in bulk to other sneaker stores in Arizona and the rest of the nation. In this video, the members of FaZe Clan came in store to shop and cash sneakers out at Common Hype. Some of these FaZe members included FaZe Adapt, FaZe Rug, FaZe Temper, FaZe Santana, FaZe Swagg, and FaZe Jsmooth. These elite gamers came in and bought some crazy heat, including the Off White Air Force 1 University Gold .We show you our everyday interactions in store with our customers. We did a few bulk cash outs for Yeezy Slides and other pairs of Nike SB Dunks Other customers that came in today are known as "brick seek resellers" which means they flip lower hyped shoes for less profits but in high volume. This is a great way to begin or start sneaker reselling because it takes less capital and most pairs can be bought in your local shoe store. We do cash outs and sales every day in-store and online to help with inventory and sneaker investing. We also are sure to legit check any sneakers or clothing that come in and out the door. We also do card investments, and share our secrets with you every video. Are you taking this free money? We also did Sneaker Unboxings, which you may find similar to that of a Sneaker Mystery Box / Unboxing. Be sure to check out our footage from Sneaker Con Dallas 2021. You may find our videos similar to that of Cam's Kicks and Sneak City. We hope you all enjoy the videos and thank you for the continued support!

If you guys are in the Phoenix, Chandler, Gilbert, Mesa, Tempe or Scottsdale area in Arizona, come check out our shop located in Tempe!

Music By: NJ Fuego

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