FaZe Kay Gets Worse, Dumbest Valorant Team Banned, Warzone "Anti Cheat" | Esports Rewind #111

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This week on the Rewind, Warzone’s “anti-cheat” update, a FaZe Manager possibly behind the crypto scams, and the dumbest team in Valorant.

Warzone released their first “anti-cheat” update, which consisted mainly of announcing they had banned 50,000 new accounts for hacking, and immediately got blasted for still not having a real anti-cheat. Mutex said he ran into 7 hackers right after the Warzone anti-cheat update, and Nickmercs and dozens of other Warzone pros shared similar stories. With nothing to prevent the cheaters from just making new accounts, it doesn’t seem like the ban waves are doing anything to stop Warzone hacking.

A FaZe Manager may be behind all the crypto scams ruining FaZe Clan’s reputation. In a new video, OrdinaryGamers pointed out that a lot of the crypto currency in SaveTheKids and other pump and dump scams tied to FaZe Clan seems to all trace back to a former Senior Manager in the org. FaZe Banks responded to this latest bombshell by agreeing to let investigators dig through FaZe Clan’s crypto to prove the org itself wasn’t involved.

And in maybe the dumbest cheating scandal in Valorant history, Team Besties was caught 5 different times cheating in one event by swapping in a ringer. From getting caught talking about it on comms, to KD’s suddenly skyrocketing and insane pings, it is possibly the most blatant cheating in esports history, and definitely in all of Valorant Those stories and much more on the Esports Rewind.

00:00 - Intro
1:02 - Valorant's Dumbest Valorant Team BANNED by Riot Games
5:27 - CLG MESSED UP BIG in League of Legends
9:04 - Nickmercs Hacked in Warzone
13:24 - FaZe Manager Behind Kay and SaveTheKids Scam?
18:31 - Caster Drama in LEC


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