FaZe Teeqo Breaks Silence and Says Goodbye, No More FaZe Clan?

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FaZe Teeqo has finally broken his silence after being suspended from FaZe Clan along with Jarvis and Nikan after the SaveTheKids crypto scam.

Coffeezilla and OrdinaryGamers have both effectively cleared Teeqo of wrongdoing in the SaveTheKids crypto scam, saying he was the one FaZe Clan member who was totally clean and still had all his SaveTheKids tokens. But despite being cleared of wrongdoing, Teeqo had remained totally silent ever since his suspension until a tweet on Sunday.

Titled “Goodbye”, the tweet revealed that Teeqo was in a bad place, and that he was going to examine his life and his past decade as a FaZe clan member, and just step away for a while. Teeqo said he was going to be gone for some time, and that he needed to take care of himself before he did something really stupid.

Teeqo also promised a video this week with more answers as to what his “going away” would really mean. Will he officially leave FaZe Clan? Is he done making content? Or is he just taking several months off to get himself in a better place? We will have those answers soon, and until then, we just hope Teeqo can find some peace.


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